Home Care

Great skin begins at home.

The best thing you can do is be consistent with you skin care regimen.  Wash your face every night.  Even if you’re a morning showerer, make sure you remove make-up or just cleanse your face before you go to bed.    As important as it is to cleanse your face before sleep it is just as important after working out.

Accent Beauty can peel everyone in DenverExfoliate, but not every day.  Our skin needs incentive to regenerate that is why we exfoliate. our skin also needs time to recover, that’s why we take a break.  Best practice is to exfoliate, no more than twice a week.  For very resilient skin exfoliating every other day, but if your skin get dry back off to twice a week.

Nourishing the skin is essential.  I read so many articles about peeling and exfoliating the skin with the absence of nourishing the skin.  Your skin needs proper vitamins and essential fatty acids to recover properly.


Drink Water!

Wear Sunblock!



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