1. make or become less tense or anxious. “he relaxed and smiled confidently


    • synonyms  –

become less tense, loosenslackenunknot “her muscles relaxed”


The number one thing that keeps us up at night, make us eat too much, make us not enough of the right food.  Stress keeps us holding our breath even when we don’t realize it.  The effects of stress goes all the way done to the neurological levels causing heart decease, high blood pressure, and a contributing cause to cancer.

Find a way to relax.  Take a moment for yourself.

Not all of us can take that beach vacation or mountain vacation.

If you can, do!

But if you can’t these are my top 5’s in stress busters

  1. Turn off the TV – Have you ever heard that song from the WIZ? “Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News” I promise if something noteworthy happens, you’ll find out.  But in the mean time listen to the quiet. Or #2
  2. Turn on some music – Revisit your album collection.  Tap into  Spotify.  If you don’t know what to listen Spotify will choose it for you.
  3. Have dinner with a fun friend.  Not that friend that’s going to engage in politics, business, religion, or semantics on the proper holiday greeting or God forbid, that friend who wants to nitpick the check.  If they won’t order properly and split the check in half do not call that person.  Call that friend who’s going to make you laugh your ass off and take you down memory lane.
  4. Facial or Massage or both!  I’m here for that. Both give a sense of well being.  For facials, the obvious benefit is great skin.  A facial will stimulate cell turnover, dissolve dead skin cells, create an environment for skin to grow and be new again.  In addition, the facial massage moves lymph, and encourages hydration and collagen and elastin production in your skin.  Massage reduces anxiety, sleep disorders, headaches, insomnia and digestive issues.
  5. My last stress buster is taking a moment to praise yourself.  This time of year we are all looking for the special gift and the special treat for someone else, hoping to please at every turn only to look up and be cash poor and in the end doubt if anyone even liked the gift you purchased.  Praise yourself.  Put yourself first and you’ll be able to do what you need for everyone else.